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It’s almost that time of year again for the Cultural Alliance of York County’s Artist Innovator Award!

For the 4th year the Cultural Alliance will award 2 York County artists with $10,000 for their past work.  These dollars are a PRIZE, and not a grant, meaning winners receive a check for the funds with no strings attached (except a 1099 tax form at the end of the year!). Artists and creatives can be working in ANY field, including performers, teaching artists, writers, videographers, etc. our definition of artist is flexible and vast.  Artists can also be at any stage of their career, from full-time creative entrepreneurs, to accountants who make artwork in their basements. Financial success is not a part of the award criteria.

In order to be considered, profiles on York365.com MUST have been CREATED or UPDATED in the last year (since August 31st, 2022) to be considered. We do not score profiles which have been untouched for longer than a year. Instructions with screengrabs can be found here:

How to put your best foot forward:

  1. Submit a cohesive body of work, rather than single examples of different projects you have done. Peer reviewers and jurors are looking to understand what drives you as an artist, and you are able to use the York365.com profile to your benefit to do that. Submit written documents about your visual work, submit videos as well as still images of your performances, post video walk through’s of your installations, or of literary readings. We work in the creative sector, lets creative in how we showcase our work and talk about ourselves!
  2. Use the “bio” area to tell reviewers what they need to know about your work.. Is process important to your work? Is community involvement what you are striving for? The most effective profiles use this space to provide context that may not otherwise be clear.
  3. Ask a friend to review your profile and compare it to the Artist Innovator Award Scoring Rubric. This is the rubric our reviewers use when considering your work.
  4. Creating or updating a profile SHOULD NOT take hours. If you have any trouble with the website, reach out sooner rather than later. We want to see you using your energy to make art, not struggle with a website!
  5. Finally, if you have ANY questions at all, please ask! Send us an email to Rita@culturalyork.org, comment on our Facebook or Instagram @culturalyork.

Note: Some users had trouble with resetting their password on York365.com last year and were not receiving password reset emails. This issue has been FIXED. Please reach out if you have any trouble.

We wish everyone lots of luck, and happy art making!

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