Navigating New Journeys: Resources for Artists

Born in Nigeria, the name “Kayode” means “God has brought joy.” In his first solo show in York County, artist Kayode Malomo shares this joy through his works that document his journey of hope, healing and color.  Having moved here in 2018 from Philadelphia, Kayode recognized the appreciation and interest in art that is here in York, and began displaying his colorful visual work in galleries throughout the county.  Being no exception to the challenges presented to the creative community during the pandemic, Kayode is in the process of relaunching his career with the work that he created during the pandemic.  As creatives increasingly embrace the identity of the creative entrepreneur, and expand into the business realm in places they may have been overlooked in the past, Kayode emerges as a leader on that front.  As a business consultant building connections and pushing other entrepreneurs forward, this is his first step into focusing this attention onto his own business, merchandising some of his artwork to promote it further, and making lasting connections in the broader community of York County.

“The grant was invaluable in helping to bring my creative vision to life.  It gave me the support I needed to be able to share my artistic journey and talent with the entire York County and beyond.”

Kayode Malomo
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