The American Rescue Plan

Fuels Arts Innovation

“We were able to pivot to online programming without serious repercussions financially and give almost 100 percent of our ticket income right back to the artists.”

Jess Hayden, SFMS

As we moved through 2021, the lingering effects of the covid-19 pandemic became more apparent. Our organizations and creatives were continuing to struggle to regain their revenue or open fully due to continued and shifting restrictions as well as public concern.

$14,708 average loss per creative worker over the past year.

69% of our cultural organizations were severely impacted by COVID-19.

 IN RESPONSE: 50 artist relief grants, artist professional development grants to pivot their practice, and modified programs to go virtual to get artists, educators, and creative workers back on the payroll.

IN RESPONSE: Secured $1.4 million in direct CARES and American Rescue Plan funding for cultural groups to re-hire staff and ramp up programming.

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