Dear Residents of York County,

On behalf of our Cultural Alliance Board and Staff, we are proud to share our 2021 Impact Report. This represents a collection of highlights in our advocacy efforts, personal stories from partners and grantees, and lessons that guided our entrepreneurial thinking over this past year as we secured critical resources for arts and culture in York County.

Intermission is over, and it is time to raise the curtain for our arts and culture organizations to flourish once again. Amid shifting safety protocols and the associated challenge of in-person events, the creative sector has shown their resilience. Our energy is shifting from surviving to restoring a thriving arts and soul so important to the wellbeing of our community.

Out of uncertain times, the Cultural Alliance is playing a starring role in providing a bright future for arts & culture. Over the past year, we:

Created the Arts Forever Legacy Society and inducted 18 members in our inaugural class, with donors pledging legacy gifts to ensure that arts and culture remains part of our community soul in perpetuity.

Achieved designation as the Local Arts Agency of the County of York, opening the way for National Endowment for the Arts funding to be distributed equitably to our cultural community in York County for years to come.

Partnered with the YoCo Strong Recovery Task Force to secure $830,000 in American Rescue Plan grants for our arts and culture partners, providing fuel to restart the arts in 2022.

Advanced our work to promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity from the inside-out by completing an equity audit on our processes and adopting an Equity Action Plan to ensure we serve all of our cultural community.

Reduced our operational costs by 48% without making any cuts to staff so they could support 61 cultural groups and 36 artists in 2021, 44% of whom were women and 33% were people of color.

The last two years have been interesting and challenging for our community. As you navigate this report, please join us in exploring the unique emotions of this period. Lean into the stories of inspiration from groups who embraced the difficulties and unleashed creativity as they overcame challenges. Explore the online and virtual programs that connected our community, if only through a screen. And join us in recognizing the value of public support for arts and culture that is strengthening our community.

On behalf of our creative sector, thank you for believing by entrusting us with your resources. We look forward with anticipation to an incredible rebirth of the arts and cultural soul of this wonderful community.

William Yanavitch II,
Board Chair


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