Welcome Creatives and Thank You.

The Cultural Alliance of York County is committed to providing resources for creatives to move forward in their practice, whether you are just starting out or have been making a living on your art for most of your life.  As creatives begin to see themselves more and more as entrepreneurs and work toward building a business, there are plenty of resources available to help.  Below are links to York County and Central PA focused small business resources including basic information on how to know if your idea is viable as a business that can support you, how to register your business and create a budget and business plan.


Not all artists are looking to be a full-fledged business, and we support that too.  Regardless of your goals, creatives in York County can apply for resources and funding to pursue their goals.

Small Business and Creative Resources

We recommend you check out some of the free resources below as a place to start in planning the next steps for your creative process. After some self-guided exploration, if you are interested in one on one conversation with one of our Navigators to help guide you in the right direction, fill out our letter of interest for the Creative Entrepreneur Accelerator Program below.

Creative Entrepreneur Accelerator Program

This program:
-Connects creatives to a Navigator, SBA or SCORE Mentor who will meet with them to discuss opportunities.
-Provides access to grant funding from $500-$2,500 to take the next step as an artist.
-Fill our a letter of interest (LOI) on our grant portal to get started.

Artists University

Making Your Life as an Artist with Andrew Simmonet provides:
-Free workbook and planning guide to set goals for yourself as an artist
Sign up for their newsletter and free book download
Workgroup information and video content on making your life as an artist.
-All the tools and materials are freely available on this website to start small group work sessions to keep yourself and other creatives motivated in working toward your goals. The Cultural Alliance has hosted these workshops in the past and is happy to help you get started on this route as well.

Artists Thrive

Artists Thrive Assessment Tool
-An online survey to help you identify your needs and goals as an artist
-Get customized resources after taking the survey
-A link to their Resources for Individual Artists wiki page which includes a WEALTH of information on everything from sales techniques to grant and show opportunities to how to find a fiscal sponsor.

York County Entrepreneurs Guide

The YCEA Entrepreneurs Guide includes:
-A step by step guide to assessing your small business idea.
-Directions and template for writing a business plan.
-Directions on how registering your business with the state.
-This guide is very thorough, we recommend reading and applying what fits for your creative business.

Pennsylvania Small Business Administration (SBA)

The PA SBA offers:
-One on one consultation for new and growing businesses.
-Series of workshops and webinars on starting your business (English and Spanish) – Schedule
Business checklist and sample business plans
York Small Business Development Office (Based at Kutztown University)
Hanover Small Business Development Office (Based at Shippensburg University)