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York, PA – In talking with Cultural Alliance partners and other arts and culture organization leaders, it’s clear that while theaters, galleries, museums and experiences are open again, that ticket sales and attendance of programming is still a struggle.  In an effort to bring the public safely back to the cultural experiences that connect and engage our community, the Cultural Alliance will be launching a universal marketing campaign called “Raise the Curtain” in January of 2022.  We will use York365.com as a landing page to promote any and all cultural offerings you as an organization have to provide.

The marketing campaign will include social media advertisements, targeted emails, billboards, radio ads, bus posters and some individualized printed collateral that we will make available.  All of our marketing will point the public toward York365.com, and we will use social media and email messaging to promote a variety of specific events that are listed.

While we want to reignite the community’s passion for arts and cultural activities, we of course understand the current state and uncertainty of new covid variants.  By the first week in January, we will have installed an additional menu on York365.com which will allow you to include in your listing which Covid-19 safety protocols your event will have, as well as allow users to search for events based on protocols, they feel comfortable with if they so choose.  To maintain a safety first attitude, we encourage you to utilize this new tool in your listings.

We hope you will help us Raise the Curtain in 2022 as we work together to uplift York County!  You can take part as much or as little as you’d like.

Here’s how you can be involved:

  • Make or update your organization on www.York365.com and use it to list any events you have planning in 2022.  Our big marketing push will happen between January 16th-31st, but this campaign will live-on into the summer months and even include a street team to attend events and promote our arts and cultural community as a whole.
  • Join our York365 mailing list here and encourage others to do the same. Receive a list of featured events each month right to your inbox,
  • Join our Street Team which will promote arts and culture at a variety of public festivals and events beginning in the late spring as the weather warms up – reply to this email if you are interested in more information.
  • Sign up here to receive Raise the Curtain marketing materials such as easy to use Canva templates, social media images and content, and printed materials (postcards, posters, signage etc) to use at your events or in your space.  Materials will be distributed in early-mid January.

This is an open call for any arts and cultural organization in York County to collaborate and get involved, so feel free to share or refer anyone to myself or Kelley Gibson (kelley@culturalyork.org) with any questions or concerns.  The more organizations we can reach, the more we can promote all the great things that are happening and help to re-engage audiences.

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