It Takes a Village-Morgan, Carley, and Kyla’s Story

May 9, 2018 Kelley Gibson News 0 Comments
Carley VanLuit, Morgan Lyons, and Kyla Tacopina

For the Spring 2018 semester, we took a leap and effectively doubled our workforce at the Cultural Alliance by hosting three York College of Pennsylvania interns: Morgan Lyons, Carley VanLuit, and Kyla Tacopina (who goes by Kyle). Each of them came from different fields of study (hospitality, PR, theater/arts administration), each of them had different working styles, and all of them had a different focus while they were here. But what they had in common was a strong drive to learn and build their portfolio, and their love of making a difference in our cultural community.  So I asked each of them to share their experiences with the Cultural Alliance from their perspective. Here’s what they shared. Though they are all moving up and out into the world and I already miss them, a little piece of each of them will live on here through their ideas and projects they developed while they were with us. -Kelley Gibson

After spending about three months interning at the Cultural Alliance of York with Kelley Gibson, I have learned more than I thought possible! I feel extremely proficient in different online tools that will better my marketing skills, for example, Canva, Mail Chimp, Hootsuite and so much more. It was a great experience to be able to Market two events, YorVoice and YorIt, through sending out different social media blasts and writing press releases. Once the events happened, my work didn’t end. I was able to look at the social media analytics and run an economic impact report. This was probably my favorite part! It was so interested to see how an event like YorVoice provides such an impact on York County. It was also very inspiring to see all the love people have in York County. It shined through during the YorIt Social Venture Challenge with all those amazing ideas for York!

In the beginning of this internship, Kelley asked me what I wanted to learn and we made a list. She used that list to base my objectives off of and we successfully hit EVERY bullet on that list. This will have been my 4th internship while in college, and by far the most rewarding one! Thank you Cultural Alliance and especially Kelley Gibson for providing me with so much knowledge in such a short time. I had a blast!” -Morgan Lyons


When I started my internship at the Cultural Alliance, I wasn’t sure which project, of the many they have, would be mine. Thankfully, I was given York365. I have a passion for helping my community, and being able to blend that with event marketing and social media was a perfect combination for me. Throughout this internship I have been forced to be creative, the best thing I could have learned while here.

At the beginning of every month I had to plan up to 40 posts for the York365 social media, each with their own catchy phrase or attention getter. While developing those posts, I was using a Bulk Uploader on Hootsuite, something I haven’t used before. It’s a useful tool that has prepared me for my future job. Having to further my creative side, I had to select and build content for six events for each monthly newsletter. In this process, I used MailChimp, an online marketing platform. This was another new tool to me, and slightly intimidating knowing what I wrote reached roughly 700 people, but it taught me to write my best work. I am unbelievably grateful to have learned these tools and to have been able to put my creativity into everything I posted. I will surely miss the team at Cultural Alliance and will carry my experience and knowledge that I’ve learned to my next career step.”  -Carley VanLuit


An internship is considered one of the most significant aspects of a college career. Students typically have anxiety over finding the right fit for them. This past semester I was able to find my fit with the Cultural Alliance of York County.

The mission of the Cultural Alliance is to enrich the quality of life in York County through art and enrichment programs. As a theatre major arts advocacy held a special place in my heart so I was able to personally connect with the organizational mission. The work that I was doing made me feel like I was contributing to a bigger picture. I was proud of my work and excited to come in each day. I found my time with the Cultural Alliance was a learning experience both beneficial and enjoyable.

When I started my internship, I was extremely timid in a work environment. However, I watched the empowering women I worked for and learned how to be a strong force in the work place. Through my work I had the opportunity to gain experience in different avenues of public relations for cultural events and how to fundraise for the arts. I have also gained a deeper understanding of the impact arts advocacy has on a community. I am happy to say my work at the Cultural Alliance has given me a strong foundation and helped open the door to bigger opportunities. I said yes to my dream internship with Serino Coyne in NYC and it wouldn’t have been possible to get there without what I have learned from interning with the Cultural Alliance.   -Kyla Tacopina

If you are interested in the Cultural Alliance internship program, please contact Kelley Gibson. For more information on the Cultural Alliance of York County, visit our website or call us at 717-812-9255.

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