Thank You to all of our EITC Donors

February 24, 2020 Rita Whitney News 0 Comments

How the Cultural Alliance POWERS: Education

Imagine learning the core components of geometry using yoga, or visual art, or using professional level photography skills to learn what it would have been like historically, to be an immigrant coming to America in the 1800’s.

Thanks to our EITC donors, since September 1, 2022 the Cultural Alliance of York County has:

  • Completed 45 residencies across all 4 counties we serve
  • Over 200 days of artists working directly with the community and over 5,000 participants served
  • Four new teaching artists added to our roster
  • Put $33,699 of income directly in the pockets of local teaching artists

The Arts in Education Mission

Through our partnership with the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, the Cultural Alliance powers artists to help others explore and develop their creativity and artistic skills in a variety of educational, community and institutional settings.

How we power education in schools:

How we power education for learners of all ages beyond school:

Arts in Education residency in partnership with the ArtSparks Turnpike beautification project:

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