The Cultural Alliance of York County seeks creative community leaders to act as Navigators in neighborhoods across York County to help creatives access financial and intellectual resources.  Beginning with a one-year pilot program in 2022, Navigators will work one-on-one with grant applicants to provide guidance, resources and technical assistance as applicants fine-tune their grant ideas. Navigators may then approve the artist for funding if/when they deem them ready, and help them fill out the final application.  We are seeking a diverse group of navigators in terms of art form, physical location (we will be hiring 2 Navigators from the Hanover area) as well as cultural background.


Goals of the Navigator Program:

  • To engage with artists who don’t consider themselves a part of the artist community or are having trouble making necessary connections.
  • Help artists one-on-one to move toward a more professional space and the way they consider themselves and their work.
  • Create a stronger network of people and resources to support artists in York County.
  • To diversify the power structure of the Cultural Alliance by handing over funding decision making power to Artist Navigators.


The ideal Navigator should:

  • Have excellent interpersonal relationship skills
  • Be reliable and reasonably quick with communication
  • Be flexible, as the Navigator program is being piloted and may need to shift and update as it moves forward.
  • Be connected to a community of creators in at least one of the following fields: music, visual art, writing/publishing, performing arts or dance
  • Have experience, whether formally or informally, working with, mentoring, or providing guidance to the creative community.
  • Be self-motivated and able to work independently.



Time Requirements

  • 10-15 hours per quarter (every 3 months)

Training and Compensation

  • Navigators will receive facilitation training as well as ongoing support in their role from CAYC staff
  • Navigators will receive a professional development grant to be spent on themselves during the year in which they are serving as Navigator.
  • A quarterly stipend for their time spent meeting with applicants.


The Navigator application for 2022 is now closed, and we will be announcing our five navigators in early 2022.