One Dollar. Twice the Impact.

We know that a vibrant arts scene leads to a vibrant York County.  Over the past 20 years, the Cultural Alliance has worked to strengthen the arts community.  Two anonymous donors who believe in the power of the arts to connect our community have created a pool of matching funds to encourage new contributors to give, and existing contributors to increase their gift. So, for each new or increased dollar we receive in the 2020 campaign, these passionate anonymous donors will match it dollar for dollar. One dollar will have twice the impact.

Example of an increased investment:

    • Investor ABC gave $2,500 last year and was recognized at the Partner level.
    • Investor ABC increases that investment by $250 to $2,750 this year.
    • Investor ABC’s increase is doubled by the matching pool.
  • Investor ABC is recognized at the Associate level for a $3,000 investment: ($2,500 + $250 + $250).

Example of a first-time investment:

    • Investor XYZ gives $300 for the first time.
  • Investor XYZ gift is recognized at the Supporter level for a $600 investment: ($300 + $300) gift.

Every investment of new dollars has twice the ripple effect in our community, thanks to our match pool donors.  Contribute online or download our online pledge form today.