Throughout our long history, York has been an arts town. We’re a community of makers, innovators, builders, and doers.  York’s resilience and success has always come from our ability to ‘do what you can with what you have’ and making things seemingly out of nothing. 

York is being tested by COVID-19. As we face the uncertainties of health and economic conditions in the coming months, we now have three months of data on the effects of the pandemic on our arts sector, and the indicators are alarming.

    • 95% of our artists and arts organizations are currently projecting loss of income into mid-2021, and will be unable to serve thousands of people who depend on them due to enhanced safety protocols.
    • Earned and contributed revenues for 2020 will be reduced by 50-85% due to social distancing and the economic recession.
  • York County could lose $4.7 million of economic impact that our cultural community brings into our local shops, businesses, and neighborhoods.

 Our artists and creative organizations are resilient. They are demonstrating all of the qualities that we need right now: care for safety and health of our people, innovative programming, and hope for the future. The arts are helping us through it all, and are ready to lead the way in these uncertain times. But they need our financial support and advocacy. Our 2020 Annual Campaign will act as the COVID-19 Resiliency Campaign for the arts, raising much-needed operational dollars to help our cultural community weather the next 12-15 months of financial hardship.

If York fails to invest in its cultural institutions and artists, we risk losing York’s cultural soul. Please join us and contribute what you can to preserve the arts through this crisis.

Click here to download a copy of our 2020 Case for Support

How You Can Support the Annual Campaign:

If you have not personally given to the Cultural Alliance 2020 annual campaign, please consider pledging your support.  Now, more than ever, A gift of any amount will demonstrate your support for the arts  and their value to York.

If you have given to the campaign in the past, consider an increase for your 2020 gift. Every investment of new dollars has twice the ripple effect in our community, thanks to our match investment program.

Contribute online or download our online pledge form today.