Funded in partnership with the Loucks-Bose and Langione Funds of the York County Community Foundation, the purpose of the Artist Professional Development Grants is to provide artists with funding to pursue opportunities which will advance their creative practice and further their career.  In 2021 this may include artists who need to adapt/rebuild their practice due to the global pandemic. We recognize that funding can be a limiting factor in the progression of an artists practice and career, and we are invested in the artists in the community we serve.
These grants are for up to $2,500 each and are offered quarterly.

Grants will be awarded based on the strength of the following criteria:

  • Your proposal has the potential to move your art practice and career forward or adapt to/change directions due to the pandemic.
  • You have the capacity to follow through on your proposal
  • Your proposal is timely, meaning you are in a prime position to benefit from the opportunity.

Receive updates about available funding, information sessions and upcoming deadlines


The Cultural Alliance uses Foundant Software for grant applications. To submit an application for an Artist Professional Development Grant, you’ll first create a Foundant Profile which will save and manage all of your applications.

All applications must be submitted through the online grant portal.

The following are a few notes on creating your Foundant profile as an individual artist:
Business Title: OWNER or SOLE PROP
Executive Officer Question: As an individual artist, answer YES
Additional Executive Officer: LEAVE BLANK

Additional Resources for applying for the Professional Development Grant:

You can reach Rita Whitney at (717) 812-9255, Ext. 3 or with any questions about the application process, your eligibility or your application/idea itself.

Information Sessions

The Cultural Alliance will hold virtual information sessions regarding these grants once per quarter.  You are invited to attend any session regardless of if you intend to apply for funding that quarter or not.  These sessions will include a walk-through of the application and grant process, as well as ample time to ask any questions you may have.

An information session was held on November 19, 2020, you can watch the recording of the session which includes a walkthrough of starting your application here.


Click here to see previous grant awardees

Awardees, Click here for instructions on how to acknowledge the Cultural Alliance in any pertinent promotion

Artist Professional Development Grant Overview

What does this grant fund?

This grants funds distinct opportunities that will advance your creative practice and/or career in some way. This grant is meant to be a tool to take a step forward in your artistic career, and your application should show evidence of this. We want to invest in the growth of you as an artist, rather than a specific project, as we believe that supporting artists in the work they truly want to do is of utmost importance. You may include up to $1,000 in your budget for your creative hourly rate/investment of time, if appropriate.

For the 2021 grant cycle, the impact of Covid-19 and the need to adapt/rebuild their practice and career will be included in the application, and taken into consideration.

Examples could include:

  • Production of/performance in a show in a new location or which will reach a new target audience
  • Travel to conferences which will provide you new tools for your art form
  • Residency/apprenticeship opportunities
  • Studio rent so that you can develop a fresh body of work which is distinct from other work you’ve done
  • Equipment which will create new, ongoing opportunities for you
  • Professional services for your career (i.e. website development or marketing consultation, studio recording, etc
  • Development of a curriculum that could jumpstart your career as a teaching artist.
  • Equipment needed to adapt your work to meet Covid-19 safety guidelines

Who can apply?
Individual artists residing in York County, working in any medium (music, dance, visual art, theatre, writing, etc.)

How much funding is available?
Artists may apply for up to $2,500 in one quarter, and may receive anywhere up to that amount based on the discretion of our review panel.  There will be approx $5,000 available per quarter.

How often can I apply?
Artists may apply for funding quarterly, but are only eligible to receive a grant once per year.  You can only submit one application at a time.  Once a decision has been made on your application, you may submit again if you choose. Artists who received funding in 2020 will be ineligible for 2021.

When should I apply?
A detailed calendar of dates is available below. Applications will be rolling, meaning you may submit at any time, for any quarter, knowing that your application will not be reviewed until the quarter you have applied for, and can only have one application submitted at a time.

How do I apply?
You can fill out an application here on our website under “apply”.  Answer the questions to provide the best possible case for how this specific project or initiative will elevate your career and improve you as an artist.

Who can I call with questions?
For any questions, call Rita Whitney at or call 717-812-9255 ext 103

In partnership with the York County Community Foundation, these grants are funded by two different funds committed to serving the arts in York.

Charlotte R. Langione Fund
Charlotte Langione was passionate about the arts. This Fund was created at her bequest to promote the arts in York County, now and for generations to come.

Walter B.  Loucks-Michael Alan Bose Arts Fund
This Field of Interest Fund for the Arts was established by Michael A. Bose and family and friends of Walter Bott Loucks, Jr. to honor the memory of these men and their deep interest in history and the arts. Mr. Loucks’ lifelong interest in history was exemplified by his 30 years of continuous service on the board of the Historical Society of York County and the York County Heritage Trust. Michael A. Bose was an executive chef well-known for using authentic 18th-century American recipes. He may be best remembered in York for his weekly restaurant review column in the York Daily Record.