In 2020 we began the search for new organizations to  extend the reach of our operational funding and bolster our connections to the many arts organizations in York County doing great work.  It became clear when the state shut down that we needed to speed up our vetting process for 2020 to help keep our organizations alive and thriving through the worst of the pandemic.  Funds were quickly distributed to 5 new Cultural Alliance Impact Partners, the Susquehanna Folk Music Society, The Eichelburger Performing Arts Center, Hanover Area Arts Guild, The Belmont, and Dreamwrights Center for Community Arts.

The inclusion of each of these partners in our funding model spreads the reach that the Cultural Alliance is able to have throughout York County.

Dreamwrights Center for Community Arts has been a home for all types of art since its founding in 1997.  With an iconic building and a wide breadth of programming, they are a hub for creativity.  As the pandemic hit in March of 2020 however, the stewards of the theatre had to find new ways to serve the community they had worked so hard to build.  In true creative fashion, one idea led to the next, and to the next, until they decided to simply build an outdoor stage and carry on through the warmer months with a weekly “Bring Your Own MIC” night. 

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