A thriving city, lights on, people enjoying the creativity around them … you make that happen. You are the spark.

The performances you love, the festivals you look forward to, the museums you visit and the heritage you value make York County a community. And every day, through our eight cultural partners and our community grants, the Cultural Alliance brings those arts and cultural experiences to life.

Arts and culture provide an excellent return on investment helping to create and retain an innovative workforce.  The more attractive our region is to new business and cutting-edge professionals, the more our residents, neighborhoods, and economy thrive.

Your Support of the Annual Campaign:

Provides operating funds for eight essential cultural partners.

Funds arts projects, educational programs, and installations/festivals that reach people all across York County. Even the smallest projects make huge differences.

Strengthens our cultural community through professional development, leadership training, and resource sharing.

Every investment of new dollars has twice the ripple effect in our community, thanks to our match investment program.  Contribute online or download our online pledge form today.