A pool of matching funds has been created to encourage business and individual investors to increase their investment over last year or to invest for the first time in 2017. If an investor gives an increased amount in 2017 or makes a first-time investment in 2017, that pool of funds will be used to match the NEW amount, thus doubling the amount of the increase or first-time investment. Investors will be recognized for the total of their investment plus the matched amount.

Example of an increased investment:

  • Investor ABC gave $2,500 last year and was recognized at the Partner level.
  • Investor ABC increases that investment by $250 to $2,750 this year.
  • Investor ABC’s increase is doubled by the matching pool.
  • Investor ABC is recognized at the Associate level for a $3,000 investment: ($2,500 + $250 + $250).

Example of a first-time investment:

  • Investor XYZ gives $300 for the first time.
  • Investor XYZ gift is recognized at the Supporter level for a $600 investment: ($300 + $300) gift.

The matching pool of funds was generously contributed by an anonymous donor. These funds add to our campaign total and benefit our community by helping to raise the total of our annual campaign.